Early childhood intervention gives the child the best possible start in life. It’s about supporting children with developmental delay or disability and their families. Through early childhood intervention, infants and young children, get specialised supports and services. These services aim to promote the child’s development and the family and child’s wellbeing. They also help the child take part in its community.

We offer individual or group swimming lessons that may be funded by the NDIS.  If you have swimming in your NDIS package, we can send invoices to your plan manager or directly to you for your child’s swimming lessons.

Get Active

Eligible children The Get Active Kids Voucher Program helps eligible families get their kids involved in organised sport and active recreation activities. may receive up to $200 to cover the costs for swimming lessons at Swimmers.

Water Safety Certificate

The Victorian Water Safety Certificate is a Victorian Government initiative, which describes specific competencies that should be achieved by the time students reach the end of primary school. The certificate describes specific competencies that focus on water safety knowledge, rescue skills, a survival sequence and the ability to swim a continuous distance of 50 metres. The certificate is designed to supplement existing swimming & water safety programs delivered by schools and learn-to-swim providers.